Why Does The Museum Experience Still Feel Tepid?

No wonder the Mona Lisa is amused — but museums are not easy … or always fun
  1. Bespoke: Everyone has a different perspective and reason for a museum visit and even on individual exhibits. “One size fits all” is dead
  2. Video: No one reads. Explain and entertain in video or be ignored
  3. Coverage: Creating an interesting experience for less than 10% of displayed exhibits is just not enough to sustain interest about everything else in the museum
  4. Portal: Curate learning and fun experiences. Old timers driving standards and uniformity will be left behind by the profusion of expertise, perspectives, creativity and opinions on the internet. Open pipes. Do NOT throttle them.
Follow maps on your phone and click exhibit guide when you get to your exhibit
Choose what you want to see!
See short snippets or full video explanations
Beyonce bought The Louvre — just kidding
Who chopped down one metal tree on to another … and then left it there?

Exploring boundaries on various fronts to make new culture — CEO, Investor, Philanthropist, Business Strategist, Technologist, Film maker, Kidlit Author

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