What Could A Man Wish For Women Colleagues For 2021?

Pradeep Aradhya
2 min readNov 29, 2020
Gaia: photo by Pradeep Aradhya

2020 has been abysmal in general and particularly for women in the workforce. Tanking economy, layoffs and kids stuck at home have driven women away from the workforce. However, with vaccines found and a recovery in the offing in 2021, it would seem the right time to wish the most for our women colleagues for the new year. So, what could a male wish for his female colleagues?

Nature ordered the male of the species to be physically stronger … for whatever reason. However, it wisely left species sustenance mostly in the hands of the female. Lionesses are not as strong but carry the load of hunting and rearing the young. The paradigm of male dominance is not relevant to the modern world, economy or business. It is merely an unfortunate intermediate state. To better preserve our own species and for more successful businesses, we should empower our women and equalize influence and power. In that vein, here are my three wishes for women:

Fearless confidence: Multiple factors leave women with fear and a lack of confidence. Most scenarios and activities are designed to be male led if not just dominated by males. This leaves women scrambling to find footing. Watch Yulia Zagoruychenko in this Paso Doble. Observer how she dominates the matador with her dancing even though she is the bull. See her expressions and her utter self possession. I wish all women such fearless confidence!

Skilled facility: Circumstances always somehow seem to be loaded much heavier against women. The demands of reputation, family and relationships are all stacked much higher against woman. Watch Rachel Brice seamlessly flow through accelerating drumbeats. She twists, turns and shimmies in impossible coordination and effortless grace to navigate the ever changing frameworks the drummer throws at her. I wish women this state of unbridled flow and skilled facility in anything they choose to do!

Pradeep Aradhya

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