Things Your Museum Or Guide Cannot Do For Your Visitors … Yet

Pradeep Aradhya
6 min readAug 14

Could your current museum guide or collateral tell your visitors anything more than standard boilerplate about any exhibit? Could your museum guides (even the human ones) show or point your visitors to enthralling pop culture around an exhibit? Could your museum or guide have simultaneous one on one conversations with each of your visitors and answer any of their questions? Not till now. See what we at NLCultural have done to turn the visitor experience into a very engaging and continuous experience.

Even though large museums like the Louvre present impressive guides, their guide probably could not have this dialogue with one or all of its visitors at the same time:

Visitor: What pop culture has touched the Louvre?

Museum Guide: The Louvre Museum has indeed been touched by pop culture in various ways. Here are a few notable instances: 1. “The Da Vinci Code”: The Louvre gained significant attention through Dan Brown’s bestselling novel “The Da Vinci Code” and its subsequent film adaptation. The story revolves around a mystery that begins at the Louvre, featuring the museum’s iconic pyramid and several of its artworks. 2. Beyoncé and JAY-Z’s Music Video: In 2018, the music video for Beyoncé and JAY-Z’s song “APESHIT” was filmed inside the Louvre. The video showcases the couple performing in front of famous artworks like the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and others, bringing contemporary music into the museum. 3. Fashion Shows: The Louvre has been used as a venue for prestigious fashion shows by renowned designers such as Louis Vuitton. These events combine high fashion with art, creating an immersive experience within the museum’s grand halls. 4. Films: Numerous films have featured scenes shot at or inspired by the Louvre. For example, “The Dreamers” directed by Bernardo Bertolucci captures a young couple exploring their love of cinema while living near the museum. 5. Artistic Collaborations: The Louvre has collaborated with contemporary artists to create unique installations within its galleries. An example is Japanese artist Takashi Murakami’s exhibition titled “Murakami Versailles,” which blended traditional palace elements with his vibrant contemporary artwork. These instances demonstrate how pop culture has intersected with The Louvre, helping to bring it into mainstream…

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