NLCultural & Our First Indian Museum — Salar Jung

Pradeep Aradhya
3 min readMay 25, 2021

Whenever, I visit india I am shocked at how much of the customs and objects of my childhood are eroded and lost. As a technologist and investor, it became a passion project for me to aid and abet in the effort of cultural institutions and museums. I wanted to help not just preserve so much that is just being forgotten but also make the telling of why they are interesting much more tangible and fun! I sponsored our local museum association — NEMA for a few of their annual conferences and I also created NLCultural. Having created and deployed interactive video guides and maps for several International museums, we are overjoyed to announce our first Indian museum — The Salar Jung In Hyderbad!

Salar Jung Museum — Hyderabad India

If you are from Hyderabad or Indian or just interested, click the link and see the interactive video guide to each hall in the museum along with the main exhibits. View it on your phone or any device. We curated the best explanations and related videos on youtube to create the most comprehensive guide to each exhibit! Follow links provided if a particular aspect of the exhibit piques further interest. We almost always include a “fun” section to each exhibit described. This is a self paced interactive learning experience that blows the sheet of paper or even the audio museum guide out of the water! Look at all the other museums we have done and follow your favorites here.

Sadly, museums … particularly the smaller ones have neither the effort nor money needed to use the simple technology we provided. And the larger ones are ensnared by doddering boards and leadership who either refuse to understand technology or simply cannot make any decisions. Having offered our technology for free to many local museums, we at NLCultural finally took it on ourselves to create genuinely educational experiences for some museums. We created video guides for the main exhibits at the following famous museums at this link or click individual museums below:

Museum of Science — Boston

How to Explore the Freedom Trail

Museum of Fine Arts — Boston

New England Aquarium — Boston

Shelburne Museum

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

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