New Product No. 1 — Home AI Based Hairstyling Appliance

Pradeep Aradhya
6 min readJul 14
Don’t worry. It’s just a mockup for beta testing.

No. It has not been built yet. Shouldn’t it be though? No? Time with your hair stylist too precious? Don’t want a quick custom do every time? Got a weirdly shaped head or just scared of letting AI so close to it? You don’t think this will be the next killer (no pun intended) home appliance? Where are my culture shaping entrepreneurs?

C’mon. Imagine a small over the head hair dryer / setter or helmet that could take instruction from you, maybe show you some options and then cut, color and style your hair in a few minutes. Imagine asking it for an Elvis bouffant one day or Jethro mullet later that afternoon. Imagine that same evening asking it to give you a full on curly pink ‘fro’ for that hot party. Or just imagine having it keep you at your perfect trim every week.

Oh so many questions: Would that be easy to build? Would it work well? Who would buy it? How much might it cost? What about that 15–30 minutes of idle chatter with the stylist/barber? How long would an automated hairstyling take? Is AI even necessary? Would stylists lose their jobs? Is this idea fundable?

AI is necessary: Yes, you have a weirdly shaped head … ok ok .. just that funny bump … ok ok … but listen. No one has the same shape of head or the same hair. A scan is needed. Moreover, everyone wants some problem area to be minimized or some flamboyant tuft to be maximized. And someone needs to balance out what all those brilliant hairstyle influencers are saying to your particular … er occiput or forehead … no forebrain … ok fine — tastes. And show you before they snip you.

AI based hairstyle try on.

Now while the fading and bangs’ing and cowlicking can all be simplistically automated, an AI could custom advise, position for your particular pate and order all that mess. So yes an AI is needed.

It would be much more custom than a lackadaisical stylist: How many times have you bitterly held your peace as either inadvertence or laziness of your stylist has misarranged a lock or rendered you moon headed. How many times have you happily nodded as they smoke and mirrored you into acceptance at the shop only to come home and find…

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