Gimme Dat MoPOP

Pradeep Aradhya
3 min readMar 10, 2022

Who can possibly resist exploring a building that looks like this:

Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle

Is the building large overturned buckets dripping solidified slime or is that tattered colored fabric? Wait did you see it move?

Want the address? :)

But wait … it gets even better. This is the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle. And it isn’t just the building that is crazy fun. The unique exhibits are just as wild! The MoPOP museum is located near the base of the Space Needle at the Seattle Center. Would you believe that the Seattle Monorail actually passes through the MOPOP Museum building? It was founded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen as the Experience Music Project in 2000. The museum’s mission widened to include all aspects of pop culture and became MoPOP in 2016. Frank O. Gehry designed the 140,000-square foot building. And … it houses one of the largest indoor LED screens in the world.

The MoPOP’s focus includes popular music, video games and fantasy, science fiction, horror film and literature, with galleries dedicated to each. It has a broad range of unique pop culture exhibits that makes it one of the most unique museums in the world. One thing that stands out about MoPOP is that most of the exhibits are immersive. When you step inside you will feel as though you’ve stepped into another world. Don’t believe me? See these interactive videos below that show you fun and facts!

Guitar Gallery

The most iconic display in MoPOP is the Guitar Tower. It’s actually more like a guitar shaped tornado. It spans well over twenty feet high and features tons of musical instruments.

Disney Costume Exhibit

The Art of Disney Costume exhibit is filled with costumes used in Disney movies through the ages as well as props, sketches of the animation and costume design process

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