Four Museums For The Price Of One

Pradeep Aradhya
5 min readJun 13
National Museum Of Korea

Have you ever heard of the National Museum of Korea or the Walker Art Center or the WWII National Museum or the Tring Museum? NLCultural takes you to these fantastic, important but lesser known museums via video explanations, clickable maps and much more interesting and fun visual experiences of pop culture around exhibits. Read on. Click on the below interactive videos for walk throughs, links to exhibit videos and lots of fun pop culture.

National Museum of Korea

There is only one museum in the world equipped with seismic-protection platforms to absorb shocks and trembles and withstand a magnitude 6.0 Richter Scale earthquake to protect its treasures. The National Museum of Korea is not just a museum, it is a cultural organization representing Korea. The museum collections consist of valuables from the Paleolithic Age to the early 20th century.

You can immerse yourself in some of the many Treasures/ Exhibits through these Interactive videos.

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva at the National Museum of Korea

Bell inscribed with the fourth year of Cheongnyeong at the National Museum of Korea

Paleolithic Period Gallery at the National Museum of Korea

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