Entrepreneurial Hustle In Times Square

Pradeep Aradhya
7 min readAug 16, 2021
The Entrepreneur’s Heart: Photo in Times Square by Pradeep Aradhya

Times Square in New York City is always hot and humid!

Da place always be pullulatin!

As I sat at Times Square a few weeks ago in the post rain heat of a summer evening, to indulge in my favorite spectator sport of people watching, I was gently floated to a very tangible and titillating divide. To that heady, half drugged euphoria of straddling an analogy between every day life and a professional ideal. To a state of simultaneous multi perspective awareness of what was actually there and what was ideal, what was actually on offer and what was just smoke and mirrors. To a delicious clarity bridging the beauty, energy and human endeavor that was manifested there.

Times Square is great spectacle and entertainment. Less so for the souvenir and other shopping or even the surreal neon signs. The tourists and locals are great fun to watch. However, its really the entrepreneurs that caught my eye.

A big part of the curiosity and appeal are the tourists.

Strike A Pose: Photos in Times Square by Pradeep Aradhya

Many a hanging open jaw is on display but then they transform into the entertainment themselves. Having arrived in their own personal style and regalia for the showcase that is “the tenderloin”, they then partake … with frenetic energy in the sheer deluge of delights on offer. The incessant, technicolor neon screens and billboards provide beaucoup background to the narcissism of multitudes of selfie takers and Tik Tokers.

What a buncha lil’ divas … to such different and dramatic degrees! All fulla themselves. Hmm … why does the breed seems so very familiar …

Watching them preen and prance and entertain themselves and their extended networks while basking against ever changing backgrounds and the iridescent (even in daylight) glow of giant and crass commercials is distinctly psychedelic.

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