Democratizing Experience At Museums To Make Them More Interesting

Pradeep Aradhya
4 min readJan 26
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So you might finally vacation this coming summer and maybe even catch a museum or two. Are the youngsters groaning at the idea of museums? Are you groaning about dragging them through endless halls of exhibits they don’t care about? Are you baffled by seemingly impossible task of getting them to absorb something … anything … from a museum?

We at NLCultural do not blame you. As a company culture comprised of both young and old, we ourselves were challenged by the stodgy megaliths that museums are. Even the expression “museum” comes loaded with the drudgery of having to walk those endless hallways and struggling to understand why the exhibit is important or even relevant. There may be some activities for kids but for the most part, the museum itself is an almost unintelligible mess of objects you can neither fathom nor even touch.

So we came up with a solution. We were not asked by the museums. They are too old fashioned to know to ask for help. They are too comfortable to want to change. They are too “museum like” to understand the combination of experience and technology and merely reach for the most current buzzwords. At any rate they fail to adapt or implement any measures to make the museum experience more bespoke or interesting to the individual viewer. They continue to pursue a one size fits all approach in this day and age. While most museum buildings get ever more opulent, they will give you nothing more than guided group tours or self driven audio tours or single page explanations for each exhibit. Sometimes there is video but that video is produced over approval cycles that take months and are rarely more than a one sided view anyway.

The question is how do we make these important exhibits and the museum experience immediately relevant to each museum goer in a manner that they relish digesting.

The answer is interactive video for the visitors mobile device where they can choose to see facts or artist/creator perspectives or straight up pop culture and other funny things about the exhibit!

Three years ago, we at NLCultural took it upon ourselves to assemble such videos for the most important exhibits at the 65 most important museums and almost 40 tourist attractions across the world. We used videos…

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