Bequeath Your Progeny Nonconformism, Vision & Network

Pradeep Aradhya
11 min readMar 4, 2022

Are you letting Little Susie and Little Johnny grow up to be just hoi polloi? Are you guaranteeing the young lasses and lads turn into leaders? Are your precious and perhaps precocious progeny just floating along or are you priming them to progress humanity? Caring for children means we provide food, warmth, shelter and an opportunity for education. However as developers of tomorrow’s generations, we should also impart to our wards a need to think differently, a way to create grand visions and finally a way to gather others to support and realize those visions.

Peanut gallery: That is all we need — a world with more megalomaniacs. Well at least he is not fomenting outright revolution this time … or is he?

Parents and educator gallery: Kids have too many visions already! All I want is to keep them in check at the super market. If any of my childhood visions had come true we would be living in chaos.

Language, civics, STEM — all important core matters for all kids to learn … but does that help them become more than sheep? How can we ensure that our next generations are unafraid to depart the norm, have dreams for not just themselves but for all of humanity and finally to consistently gather to themselves the support to take humanity forward along those dreams?

Constructive nonconformity — how not to be sheep: Sure Lil’ Song and Lil’ Jiang run riot all over the school and definitely at home. Sure they are both coming up with unending questions and getting into things they have no business with. Sure everyone loves them lil’ ones with “imagination”. However is there an ongoing encouragement to spend time outside the box? Healthy non-conformist thinking must start early. As a fond older relative or family friend (no kids of my own)

Parents and educator gallery: Wait! What? Mmhmm! Childless guy here wants to tell us how to grow our kids.

Peanut gallery: No no … maybe we can gift him some of our kids. Oh God … and have him grow them all crazy? I dunno.

and a former board member at an educational organization, I have first hand experience of the constant struggle parents and educators face. Kids are stubborn, unwilling, distracted, and uninspired most of the time. The dividing line between…

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