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Do we want our children to speak like Trump or Clinton or Kelly Anne Conway or Kimberly Guilfoyle or Jimmy Carter? Distrust politician speak? Hope your kids don’t learn to talk like that? Also worried they might go the other way and not know how to ask for what they need or fend off aggression? As a parent, how do you ensure your child develops a good, balanced way to speak and navigate amongst their peers? Do you or their nanny or their Kindergarten have a structured curricula for that?

Behaviors and value systems take root early and it is…

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Our new car is an electric vehicle (EV) … and it has NO gears. Its a computer on wheels but also a ridiculously simple one speed ride. Does this mean fahrvergnugen is over?

EVs make no powerful engine roar and thankfully no environment killing exhaust either. However, they do not have or need a gear shift and accelerate powerfully and instantly.

Conventional cars need a gearbox with multiple gears because piston driven internal combustion engines are only capable of generating useable torque and power within a narrow band of engine speed. Varying gear ratios help conventional engines keep within that…

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There are so many leavening layers of sophistication and on so many fronts that no one can claim to NOT be stupid. Sometimes I take indications of my simplicity as an insult. However, in the end I do attempt to see both the humor of it and the opportunity to become better. Some others choose to dwell in, celebrate and demand equality for their simplicity. This has been the central crisis these past four years. Much as a new regime is a different representation of the USA, we have not truly solved for the issues and rights of the stupid.

No wonder the Mona Lisa is amused — but museums are not easy … or always fun

The only parts of many a museum that work well are their collections, ticket purchase and paper maps. Few museums or their exhibits are either greatly enlightening or much fun. Even diligent museums fail to provide more than a perfunctory explanation of their most important exhibits. And then there are tech vendors pushing expensive and difficult to adopt virtual reality or augmented reality that are limited for content or extensive engagement. No wonder museums rank lower on tourist appeal. Ironically, many a museum now probably belongs in a museum!

Tried getting your kids excited about going to a museum? They…

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2020 has been abysmal in general and particularly for women in the workforce. Tanking economy, layoffs and kids stuck at home have driven women away from the workforce. However, with vaccines found and a recovery in the offing in 2021, it would seem the right time to wish the most for our women colleagues for the new year. So, what could a male wish for his female colleagues?

Nature ordered the male of the species to be physically stronger … for whatever reason. However, it wisely left species sustenance mostly in the hands of the female. Lionesses are not as…

Democracy was originally conceived to allow multiple perspectives and agendas to play together. Unfortunately, the implementation of democracy has devolved into not just competition but an all out war with no ethics or humanity. The implementation of democracy has subverted and completely broken the idea of it. Democracy needs to be rethought.

Whether in political, corporate or even gender dynamics, most people in groups, social structures and teams have become experts at furthering their own agendas and gain. They refuse to take responsibility for the group or community or country. …

Much as we all like to claim our preferences, our opinions, our birthrights, one wonders :

  1. What would we be if as babies we were not constantly smiled at?

Would we be sad? Unloved? Destined to lead a lonely desperate existence?

Unable to be joyous? Unable to celebrate? Unable to love?

Why is a smile infectious? Why does it convey happiness? Why do we tell each other to smile? Would the smiley face emoji only apply to lunatics?

If we did not know what a smile is would we think of it as a baring of teeth? Is it merely…

Two main factors drive the success of a children’s book:

  • does it appeal to the parents … and then the kids?
  • does it bring home enough of a life lesson?

Commercially successful ones have a preponderance of wonder and fun that sometimes grossly overshadow any lessons. There is always the central conflict that resolves as good vs evil and then usually ends in the favor of the protagonist. However, most often than not there is either no thematic life lesson or it is overshadowed by fantasy. Is that all we want of fiction for our kids? What about awareness of…

I won’t start with a diatribe about how education systems are broken or woefully inadequate or even with “necessity is the mother of …”. Perhaps it is appropriate that it takes a pandemic to get us to rethink entrenched nonsense in the education system. I am just glad that most schools have quickly manifested online programs. I hope it also prevents us from merely returning to antiquated methods and mores when there comes a vaccine. Here are questions this Covid-19 virus is definitely making us ask:

  1. Can everyone afford college if it goes online?
  2. Can everyone get a degree from…

Photo by Pradeep Aradhya

This time of alternative facts looks worse than climate change.

It isn’t that social media is creating too much distraction. It is not even that social media has created too many voices. It is that social media has destroyed truth. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has a preference. Everyone chooses to disregard anything they do not like. So where … or what is truth?

What if Donald Trump said tomorrow that water is fake? What if Fox News reports that coronavirus is fake? Wait. They did. What if a right wing pundit says water never existed? What if Russia said…

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